Memories of Sharon

Sharon Singleton-Newell inspired everyone she met. Here are some pictures to remember her by.


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Hello,  my name is Gillian Rogers nee Manning. I used to be a friend of Sharons in the 70’s and 80’. She grew up living around the corner from me. Her mother ( we know her as Aunty Vicki) and my Mother were good friends and still are to this day. I just wanted to write and let you know that we down here in Newcastle , Cardiff that knew Sharon ,( she used to be called Charley by her Dad and other people that lived nearby} will always remember Sharon as a great friend , talented in many ways, smart  and basically just a great person. I have many lovely memories of Sharon when we grew up at that time. I also wanted to say what a wonderful tribute on U Tube and in the paper. I know that she would have thought that it was too much fuss but at the same time she would have loved it as well.

                                Thankyou, to those responsible.       

.                                                    Yours Warmly Gillian Rogers.




Came across your site when organising a reunion for Fairfield high school - class of 1985.


One of the students thought she would get in touch with Sharon to possibly come along and we were very sad to hear of her passing.


She had a great impact on many of the English students at our school back then.


Working back from Sharon's age, I am not sure if Fairfield High might have been Sharon's first teaching placement.


I am attaching a photo of her in the English staffroom with another great teacher we had called Del Smith.


The year would have been 1985. Thought you may like to upload it to your site.